Translated Short Story

First and unofficial translation of a short story: Hassan and the Garden’s Birds

Short Story: Hassan and the Garden’s Birds


It is narrated in a nearby city, in a garden of one of the houses were many small and large trees, some have fruit and other planted for beautifying the garden. A boy named Hassan lived in that house with his father and mother, and a brother named Faris. Hassan was seven years old and Faris was five years old. Hassan and Faris were active boys. They loved playing with each other. A group of birds built their nests on the branches of some of those trees. On one day Hassan came and wanted to take the baby birds in the garden. The birds jumped here and there to prevent Hassan from taking their baby birds from their nests, the birds were scared, and were so sad.


Hassa’s mother heard the crowing (sound) of the birds, and understood their concern, she felt the birds worry. She went to the garden and prevented Hassan scaring or taking their baby birds, birds are beautiful and they have beautiful voices, and do not harm anyone.


It happened that Faris got sick, and remained in the hospital for treatment under the supervision of a doctor, Hassan as well his mother grieved, as the absence of Faris from house.


Mother said to Hassan: listen my son, now you are sad because the absence of Faris, as well, the birds will be sad if you take their babies from their nests. The baby birds will be sad if you take them away from their mother and father.


Hassan apologized to his mother, and said: From now I will look after the garden’s birds and fed them. I began to love seeing them flying free not scared and chirping on the branches of the trees.


Jawad AL-Marhoon